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Empowering Young Women Leaders in Yemen


Titre : Empowering Young Women Leaders in Yemen

Pays : Yemen

Date : 2013-04-01// 2014-01-03

To overcome cultural attitudes, patriarchal structures and social barriers which restricts women’s role in society, Partners trains women to play leadership roles in their communities, to overcome conflict, start new businesses, and return to education. We have already trained 75 women like Lima (see video) who recruited a further 800 female volunteers who went on to host 8,000 community meetings reaching 127,000 women in rural Yemen. Help us train more women leaders like Lima. Donate now.

Yemen is a country where traditional prevailing social norms and patriarchal structures have led to systematic discrimination in laws and social customs faced by women. Women’s freedom of movement is restricted, underage girls are married off for dowries, over half of women aged 15-17 are illiterate and only 1 in 4 go to secondary school. We asked how we could support young women return to education and overcome the barriers to play fuller roles in their communities.

We will work with tribal leaders and identify women for leadership development. These women will recruit social volunteers who will provide trainings and host community meetings to promote education, entrepreneurship, conflict resolution techniques and health messages. By working directly with the women, their family members and tribal leaders we will help change attitudes and help women return to education, resolve conflicts, start small businesses, and be more aware of health issues.

Partners is working to support the empowerment of women in Yemeni society. Village by village, community by community we have already changed the lives of thousands of young rural Yemeni women and influenced the attitudes of men and tribal leaders. "They used to say in our community that they do not want girls to learn, they rather want her to stay at home and feed the sheep. Now, it is over." Continuing this work will change attitudes and aspirations and the roles that women can play in Yemen

Organisation information : Partners for Democratic Change

Budget : €4,877

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