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Training Peacebuilders in Yemen


Titre : Training Peacebuilders in Yemen

Pays : Yemen

Date : 2014-12-01 // 2017-08-09

The International Center for Religion & Diplomacy will conduct a 1 year training and capacity building program in Abyan, Yemen for a select team of 44 indigenous peacebuilders to help them lead a self-sustaining network of 250 Peace Committees that will provide non-violent conflict resolution and mediation services in their communities. This project will empower a civilian network of peacebuilders in Abyan where judicial and legal systems are weak, and the risk of violent conflict is high.

In Abyan, Yemen, a lack of government services such as justice and security mechanisms has created a vacuum now being filled by militants in some areas. There is a critical need to help local religious and tribal leaders develop the skills and mechanisms to constructively address conflict and reduce violence ; respond to community needs and increase inclusive community problem-solving in which women, youth, and other at-risk populations are engaged ; and promote social cohesion and collaboration.

This project will (1) enhance the formal conflict prevention and resolution capabilities of Yemeni civil society leaders, in Abyan ; (2) facilitate practical application of skills learned by assisting Abyan citizen leaders with planning and implementing their own community problem-solving projects ; and (3) facilitate greater utilization of nonviolent conflict resolution mechanisms at the local level, increasing stability in Abyan.

By empowering Yemeni citizen leaders with skills and mechanisms that are replicable nationwide to resolve conflict peacefully and address drivers of conflict in their communities, they will be able to provide an effective alternative to violent extremism, reduce violent conflict, and help build a more stable environment where judicial and legal structures can eventually be re-established.

Organisation information : International Center for Religion & Diplomacy

Budget : €6,340

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