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Protecting Yemen’s Children from Famine


Titre : Protecting Yemen’s Children from Famine

Pays : Yemen

Date : 2017-10-13

Roughly 10 million Yemenis are on the brink of famine. RI provides nutritional assistance and education sessions to combat the effects of famine to more than 23,000 people in Yemen.

Yemen has more than two million children that are so acutely malnourished that they become permanently impaired or, in many cases, die. Years of conflict have pushed the country to the brink of social, economic and institutional collapse, increasing food insecurity. Yemen’s humanitarian crisis is among the world’s most severe.

Two-thirds of Yemeni families have no access to healthcare and half of them have not had food of any kind in their homes for the past month. Most families in these areas regularly rely on help from a friend or relative to eat. RI’s team in Yemen works to undo the harmful effects of malnutrition by providing nutritional assistance to remote corners of the country.

RI delivers the medical care and attention required to restore and sustain Yemenis’ health. Our mobile medical teams are deployed to remote areas of the country where they treat cases of childhood malnutrition and distribute hygiene kits to help families protect themselves against disease. RI is also responding to the recent diphtheria outbreak in Yemen with 189 diagnosed cases reported since August. We’re combining healthcare and hygiene programs to help break the cycle of chronic poor health.

Organisation information : Relief International

Budget : €98,064

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