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Train and operate 300 displaced women in Yemen


Titre : Train and operate 300 displaced women in Yemen

Pays : Yemen

Date : 2018-11-27

Millions of displaced people in Yemen have been left without work due to the war, providing little humanitarian assistance. The project aims to support families of displaced people on handicrafts and household industries, providing them with an income source and shifting from relying on relief assistance to productive families. The project is concerned with women in particular, through the selection of displaced families who lost their dependents.

Tens of thousands of families have fled war zones, reached Sana’a, lost their property and income, and many have lost their families. Aid organizations give them little but no help and can be cut off at any time. Many of these families are made up of a mother and her children, and the problem is that mothers do not have any profession, work experience or even education. In addition to economic deterioration, and production stopped.

There are a lot of handicrafts, simple housework. These women can be trained, supplied with raw materials, and therefore have a manual occupation and income source that helps them provide food, housing, education and treatment for their children. Local Economy.

Aid is expected to stop, or relief aid will decline, families that depend on it will face a big problem, but the families that have been trained and provide an income source will not face any problem. The war will also end, the families will return to their areas, but their old sources of income have been destroyed, they need a long time to return to production, this project will provide a source of income, help them during that period

Organisation information : AWTAD Anti-Corruption Organization

Budget : €69,993

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