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Destination Branding for Namibian Handicrafts


Titre : Destination Branding for Namibian Handicrafts

Pays/Région : Namibie

IATI Identifiant  : FI-3-2014-2013130100

Durée : 2013-06-27// 2014-12-31

The overall aim of the project is to ensure that the production and sales capacity of small art + crafts businesses located at the Craft Centre is increased. The Namibia Craft Centre is positioned as the primary handicraft destination in Namibia showcasing professional businesses with authentic handicraft that will increase sales and income to women and communities in rural areas. Objectives : - To ungrade and rebrand each shop that will strenghten the unique positioning of the individual business owners- To develop an interactive website that will serve as the primary marketing tool for each shop- To strenghten the capacity of business owners through training in sales marketing finance and product development. The Craft Centre provides a marketing and retail platform for the best of Namibian handmade art and craft especially for artists low-income craftsment and communities to built profitable businesses. Organization has been in existence alreary almost 20 years and is directed by an active and skilled board . The target group for this project are namibian women entrepreneurs who have requested this particular intervention and support through the Craft Centre.

Financement : Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Budget  : 21 948 USD

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