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Development of Solar Electricity in Nossombougou Rural Community


Titre : Development of Solar Electricity in Nossombougou Rural Community

Pays/Région : Mali

IATI Identifiant  : FI-3-2020-2019191365

Durée : 2019-01-01 // 2020-12-31

In the project, two maternity clinics will be electrified in Tamani Soba and Ourala villages. There is no electricity in the villages. The activities in two villages have been initiated by the villagers and planned as a joint project due to close vicinity of the villages. Project also aims to strengthen the management and ownership of the local health care system and to increase awareness of renewable energy. In addition to solar lightning, the maternity clinics will receive refrigerators for storing vaccines as well as water heating systems. The village council members overseeing the clinics will be trained to operate and maintain the solar systems. The activities aim at enhance the health status and life expectancy by improving the sanitation. Clinic electrification will improve the health of mothers and newborn babies, who have suffered from the poor hygiene of the clinics. At the moment, there is not lightning nor hot water, and vaccines or other medicines cannot be kept due to the lack for cold storage. Direct beneficiaries of the project are the women and babies using the services of the Tamani Soba and Ourala (estimated 1784 persons). .

Mise en oeuvre  : Project will be implemented by Association Malienne pour l’Appui et la Promotion des Initiatives Locales (AMAPIL). It will work together with village people, Nossombougou municipality and its health care association ASACO (l’Association de Sante Communautaire) as well as the companies selected for the technical work

Financement : Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Budget  : 4 866 USD

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