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Water Resources and Hydrometeorology of the Arab Region


Titre : Water Resources and Hydrometeorology of the Arab Region

Series : Water Science and Technology Library, Vol. 59

Auteur(s) : Shahin, Mamdouh
Publisher : Springer
Date de parution : 2007
Pages : 586

This book mainly deals with climate and hydrology (surface and sub-surface) of the Arab Region. The book contains twelve chapters and three appendices. These chapters comprise a historical introduction, physiographic features and geological settings of the region, climate, analysis of precipitation, evaporation and evapotranspiration, river basins and flow, wadi basins and flow, erosion and sedimentation, groundwater resources, non-conventional water resources, storage of water and impacts of the water scarcity on the future of the region. Appendices I, II and III, on a CD-ROM at the end of the book, list meteorlogical data, hydrologic data and water quality data used in preparing the book.
The book contains reviews of several topics coupled with case studies, data analyses, discussions and conclusions which apply to several areas of water resources planning, development and management. More than 300 sources of literature are included for reference.The extensive coverage of the hydrometeorology and water resources of the Arab Region as presented in the book is essential for all water resources engineers and other professionals as well as researchers and research students involved in these areas of interest.
The book is an ambitious attempt to summarise the topography, climate, surface hydrology and groundwater of the whole Arab region. It assembles a lot of material which is readily available only in consultants’ reports and similar sources. There are a number of statistical tables covering these topics.

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