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Integrated watershed management project in Sudan


Titre : Integrated watershed management project in Sudan

Pays/Région : Soudan

IATI Identifiant  : FI-3-2012-2007070113

Durée : 2008-01-01 // 2012-12-31

The Eastern Nile Watershed Management Project in Sudan has emerged form the Nile Basin Initiative and is linked to the Eastern Nile Subsidiary Action Project. The project aims to lift the communities out of the poverty trap they are in by raising their productivity whilst promoting sustainable use of the land and natural resources. This in turn is expected to lead to reduced erosion to the benefit of downstream users. The objective of the Finnish supported Community Watershed Management component of the EN WMP is to promote wider adoption of sustainable land and water management practices and technologies, to reduce land degradation and increase agricultural productivity.  :

Financement : Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Budget  : 2 696 883 USD

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