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Empowerment of women and girls of Akouda - finding new economical possibilities


Titre : Empowerment of women and girls of Akouda - finding new economical possibilities

Pays/Région : Tunisie

IATI Identifiant  : FI-3-2014-2013130019

Durée : 2013-12-30 // 2014-12-31

The Tunisia SOS Villages d’ Enfants ( SOS Children’s Villages ) organization has been working for a long time in Tunisia and has gained a lot of respect for its work.The SOS organization proposed on the 10.21.2013 to the Finnish Embassy in Tunis an interesting project related to important themes such as gender equality. The project will be implemented in Akouda which is located near Sousse’s tourist resorts. Tourism employs thousands of people in Sousse which have attracted residents of center Tunisia to relocate to Sousse hoping for better job opportunities. Sousse in Tunisia is also known for the infamous neighborhoods with high unemployment rates and poverty. The one-year project is intended to help Akouda’s women and their children. In the first part of the project women and their children will attend workshops on women’s rights and international CEDAW agreement which Tunisia has ratified. CEDAW aims to promote human rights and the realization of gender equality. These training sessions have been tailored to the target audience ’s age and level of education . Training courses are made more attractive to the public by organizing drawing competitions.Workshops will also be organized to show to mothers the importance of education for their girls. The objective of this part of the project is to help 115 women to register themselves or to register their children in different educational institutions. In the second part of the project the organization will prepare with the women living in Akouda an overview o f the existing employment possibilities for women in the area. The SOS will try to identify women’s existing business opportunities and try to assess the need for additional training for these women to develop their activity. Within this same project a total of five women will be provided assistance and expertise in starting their new profit- generating activity by providing them with micro-loans (860 euros per women) for small scale projects.

Financement : Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Budget  : 35 389 USD

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