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The network of women entrepreneurs for the women of the Djerid


Titre : The network of women entrepreneurs for the women of the Djerid

Pays/Région : Tunisie

IATI Identifiant  : FI-3-2014-2013130018

Durée : 2013-12-12 // 2014-12-31

Tozeur is governorate located in southern Tunisia well-known for its oases. Palm trees and dates are the region’s main source of income. Mostly men work in the date industry during few months mainly when the dates are collected. In addition the date business is dominated by large scale family companies. Women are only employed at the packaging stage. Tozeurs second source of income is tourism which has been significantly affected by the current situation in Tunisia. Less and less tourists visit the governorate and several hotels in the area have been shut down. In Tozeur as elsewhere in southern Tunisia women’s employment opportunities are poor. Leisure facilities in the area are non-existent. This situation has caused a lot of frustration in the region. Tozeuris have left their hometown and moved to the coast looking for better job opportunities.The Appui aux Initiatives de Developpement (AID) with whom the Finnish Embassy in Tunis have worked before on another development project approached the Embassy with an interesting project which they named Campus Citoyens pour les femmes du Djerid .The project goal is to create a network of women’s entrepreneurs living in Tozeur. The organization has planned an entrepreneurship training program for women that wou ld help women be more aware of their environment and business opportunities. This in turn would help women to start new businesses.Women get also in the framework of this project citizenship training. The women who have received this training can influence more effectively the decision makers at a local level which in turn would contribute to the improvement of women’s status in the area.

Financement : Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Budget  : 17 262 USD

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