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Better economic autonomy for Sejnane women


Titre : Better economic autonomy for Sejnane women

Pays/Région : Tunisie

IATI Identifiant  : FI-3-2019-2017170006

Durée : 2017-11-09 // 2019-12-31

The aim of the project is to increase the entrepreneurship skills of rural women in the Sejnene area in activities relating to local products. In Tunisia the employment and economic activity rate of women in marginalized areas is very low. The project beneficiaries (women in a marginalized area) will achieve a better economic autonomy and livelihoods. The project is implemented by Fondation Agir Ensemble contre l’Exclusion Tunisie. The project was selected via an open call for projects and competitive scoring of applications.

Financement : Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Budget  : 3 889 USD

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