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Food security and habitat protection in KAZA – KAZA ARISE


Titre : Food security and habitat protection in KAZA – KAZA ARISE

Pays/Région : Namibia
Localisation : Kavango West and East, and Zambezi Region

Durée : 2021-2024

At least 625 smallholder households in the project area in Namibia benefit from enhanced food security and livelihoods while reducing the degradation of natural habitats and land conversion. On national level, political and institutional support for sustainable agriculture including livestock keeping is enhanced by the active political participation of civil society actors.

This aims to bring stakeholders together to promote agroecological approaches in crop and livestock production. The successful adoption of these approaches should increase food production in smaller areas without shifting cultivation and thus safeguard wildlife habitats and diversify income through the sale of surplus produce. Project activities include crop and vegetable cultivation, livestock production, civil society advocacy, and transboundary collaboration (including Zambia and Zimbabwe).

Partenaires  : Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC)

Financement : German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), through the Bengo Engagement Global program, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Namibia Nature Foundation

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