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Developing an Integrated Wildlife Crime Communications Platform


Titre : Developing an Integrated Wildlife Crime Communications Platform

Pays/Région : Namibie

Durée : 1 April 2019 – 1 March 2021

The project aims at building up public awareness of the issues related to wildlife crime by developing a national feeling of pride and resilience around key species and Namibia’s wildlife populations in general. The intervention will focus primarily on two critical voices and the creation of a neutral platform to drive more coherent communications through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and rural communities.

The overall outcome should be a sustainable coalition that drives public awareness, targeted advocacy, and peer pressure to help change knowledge, attitudes, and behavior towards wildlife crime and support conservation efforts.

Wildlife crime is ongoing in Namibia, but more recently there have been some major efforts to strengthen the response to this scourge. These efforts have focused on prevention, response, and follow-up but comparatively little has progressed around communications. Although it is accepted that poaching has decreased slightly in 2016 and 2017 no figures are readily available, nor is there any coordinated communication on arrests, prosecutions, and sentences handed down to poachers. This is in itself part of the challenge that the project aims to address. In addition, whilst there has been a concurrent increase in coverage of poaching issues in the national and international press, there has been little in the way of any concerted media outreach campaign targeting identified segments of the population. Furthermore, despite increased coverage, the media in Namibia do not comprehensively or consistently report environmental topics with the aim to interpret the technical and or political complexities for the public to easily understand and take informed actions for environmental protection in Namibia.

Financement : Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Namibia Nature Foundation

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