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Combatting Wildlife Trafficking in Namibia


Titre : Combatting Wildlife Trafficking in Namibia

Pays/Région : Namibie
Localisation : Field-based, southern Kunene and Erongo regions.

Durée : September 2021 until 31 August 2023

* Support MET to implement on-the-ground anti-poaching interventions to detect, prevent, and reduce poaching activity in four operational areas (Etosha National Park, northwest communal areas, central and custodian, Kavango/Zambezi)
* Improve aerial support for MET and NAMPOL case officers
* Increase the capacity of Namibian law enforcement and customs officials to investigate transnational wildlife cases
* Empower national and regional wildlife law enforcement to build a sustainable foundation to better prevent, detect, and investigate wildlife crime through specialized training and assistance

Partenaires  : SRT

Financement : USAID, INL and WWF

Namibia Nature Foundation

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