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Value chain and market system development in fruits and vegetables sector (Kyrgyzstan)


Titre : Value chain and market system development in fruits and vegetables sector (Kyrgyzstan)

Pays/Région : Kyrgyzstan

Durée : 2021-04-15 to 2023-04-30

The Programme is the “Green Economy and Sustainable Private Sector Development in Kyrgyzstan” (GESPSD). The overall objective of the GESPSD is to improve the employment situation in tourism, livestock farming and the fruit and vegetable sectors through the use of Green Economy approaches.

Two outcomes will contribute to this objective : * The Local producers and entrepreneurs from the project regions are increasingly competitive (due to higher yield, better prices and improved quality) in the local and/or regional and/or global markets, * Inclusive and enabling agri-business market systems (regulatory and services) in the selected Value Chains in the project regions are available.

The new programme intends to engage all three levels (macro : implementation of green economic policies as output 1 ; meso : provision of services and other support for MSMEs as output 2 ; micro : awareness raising among general population on the benefits of using green products and services – as output 3).

Similar to the first phase, in the upcoming second phase SDC will contribute to the GESPSD by providing the means to enhance production and processing capacity as well as to improve market access for selected value chains. A special emphasis will be given to enabling access and delivery of high-quality market-oriented services that have the potential to reach beyond the farmers directly involved with the programme. In this way the programme intends to contribute to a strengthened private sector, which leads to job creation, economic growth and, ultimately, poverty reduction.

The SDC contribution will specifically support the local producers and entrepreneurs in two southern regions of the Kyrgyz Republic - Jalal Abad, and Batken - to improve their competitiveness through adoption and adaptation of sustainable and innovative approaches in selected value chains (objective). Improved competitiveness will lead to better income prospects and use of sustainable and innovative approaches will contribute to newer job possibilities along the value chain.

Partenaires  : CaiCo

Client : Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants

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