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Strengthening Agricultural Livelihoods in Anbar (Iraq)


Titre : Strengthening Agricultural Livelihoods in Anbar (Iraq)

Pays/Région : Irak

Durée : 2021-11-05 to 2023-05-31

The assignment is implemented under the programme “Restoration of Peace, Livelihoods and Economic Cycles in Anbar” (RePLECA). The Destruction of infrastructure, a lack of prospects and an uncertain security situation mean that the prerequisites for a peaceful economic and social reconstruction process are not in place. RePLECA aims to contribute to measures that improve opportunities for income earning in the conflict region of Anbar in Iraq. It’s target groups are vulnerable individuals living in rural and semi-urban regions in the north of Iraq’s Anbar Governorate as well as administrative staff at sub-national level as intermediaries.

The focus lies on the structural impact at household and municipality level by supporting income-generating measures in agriculture, the strengthening of economic cycles, and peacebuilding measures. The project’s capacity development strategy focuses on the individual level with the objective of upscaling (small-scale) farmers and administrative staff at sub-national level.

Key outputs will be : * Boosting the yields of small-scale farms and farming households. * Improving employment prospects in the upstream and downstream sectors of the agriculture and food industry.

Supporting social reconstruction by improving the organisational basis for peaceful participation and decision-making processes with a view to increasing the economic, social and political involvement of the population.

Client : Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) / Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)

AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants

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