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Soil Conservation and Rehabilitation (Kenya)


Titre : Soil Conservation and Rehabilitation (Kenya)

Pays/Région : Kenya

Durée : 2015-08-01 to 2017-12-31

Activities to be provided

* Situation analysis and selection of pilot areas
Identify and analyse relevant stakeholders in the three pilot counties Organize kick-off workshop at county level ; Identify and analyse stakeholders in soil conservation issues and their networks ;
Conduct study analysing the use of resources in selected watersheds Collect and analyse relevant secondary data ; Collect primary data (production systems, cropping patterns, soil quality) in selected villages ; Summarise results in the form of a report.
Analyse and select intervention areas for cooperation Rank watersheds and choose priority areas ; Conduct participatory planning workshops at the communal level ; Sign and announce cooperation agreements. Support target groups in planning of soil conservation measures

* Support WRUA and other stakeholders at watershed level in planning soil conservation strategies
Plan organisational framework and invite stakeholders to the planning process ; Conduct strategy workshops ; and Develop and validate strategy for integrated soil fertility management at watershed level.
Agree on specific actions for integrated soil fertility management Invite suitable intermediary organizations (government, NGOs, private sector) to the planning process ; Conduct planning workshops ; and Develop action plans and agreed on support to be provided by facilitators.
Define processes for implementing the action plan Define stakeholder responsibilities ; Set timeframes and resources for implementation (plans of operations) ; and Institutionalize local bodies for management and monitoring.

* Advise and support implementation of joint soil conservation measures Support target groups in planning and implementing community soil conservation and rehabilitation investments

Partenaires  : GOPA Consultants,ADCL, ACTS

Client : Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants

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