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Setting up a financing scheme for the rural water and sanitation sector


Titre : Setting up a financing scheme for the rural water and sanitation sector

Pays/Région : Mali

Durée : 2017-11-01 to 2019-12-31

The objective of the intervention is to define, implement, and render operational a financing arrangement (for example, a fiduciary fund) in the region of Kayes or Koulikoro in order to respond to the investment needs within the sector of Drinking Water Supplies and Sanitation Structures (Approvisionnement en Eau Potable et Assainissement (AEPA)) in rural environments. This mechanism should allow access to additional financing, and thus respond to the requirements of sustainable financing. Notably, it should channel the GIZ funds towards the construction of latrines, which contribute to the improvement of infrastructure coverage of sanitation structures in rural and semi-urban environments.

After an analysis of the capacity of the actors to ensure the administration of this type of arrangement, options for this type of mechanism, advocacy for self-financing of this sector, and instruments for the implementation should be proposed. Among others, a mobilisation strategy of savings aimed at financing the extension, the densification, and the strengthening of AEP networks through the renewal funds of the operations is expected and will be an integral part of the mission.

Provision of the following main services : * Proposal of a framework for the professional funding arrangement* Definition of the reach of a regional fiduciary fund and development of a mobilisation strategy of financial resources that moves towards a self-financing of the sector * Support the implementation of the arrangement in an intervention region of the programme * Promotion and capitalisation on the experience in order to make them available for incremental progress

Partenaires  : I&D

Client : Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants

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