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UK Research and Innovations (2012)

Stennair water extractor (Extract water from air)

Prototype Water Extractor

Titre : Stennair water extractor (Extract water from air)

Pays/Région : Zone : drought or arid conditions

Durée : nov. 12 - mars 13

Référence projet : 750083
Catégorie : Vouchers

The overall project proposal is to produce a demonstration and commercial trials prototype of a residential and commercial premises atmospheric water extracting device that turns the ambient humidity that is prevalent in the air that we breath into water. Particularly for drought or arid conditions and focussed for use at the point of need. This invention creates a much needed water supply from a source that wasn’t obvious before. We need specialist engineering support to answer the challenges of matching air flow, humidity and power requirements for the amount of water produced.

Lead participant : Stennair Limited

Financement : Innovate UK
Budget  : £5 000

UK Research and Innovations

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