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Projet d’Innovations Digitales pour les Agro-Pasteurs du Niger, IDAN


Titre : Projet d’Innovations Digitales pour les Agro-Pasteurs du Niger, IDAN

Pays/Région : Niger

IATI Identifiant  : XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000004732

Durée : Planned start date : April 1, 2021 // Planned end date : March 31, 2024

Agro-pastoralists in Niger, and in particular in the Liptako Gourma Region have limited access to advisory services, limited access to advanced information that can help them to adapt to climate change, and limited access to financial services. Under stable conditions they are already a difficult group to serve, due to the mobile nature of their activities. Growing pressure on natural resources due to population growth and a withdrawal of advisory agencies as a result of growing tensions in the region aggravate the consequences of this lack of access to information and services.

The Digital Innovations Project for Niger’s Agro-Pastoralists (IDAN) is oriented towards a market-centric approach and supports the expansion of an integrated digital platform, already in place in Mali and Burkina Faso. The general objective is to initiate trajectories of change which will have a positive synergistic effect for : "Increasing the resilience and food security of agricultural and pastoral households through the generation of economic (productivity gains, income) and social benefits (including avoided costs) linked to the use of a range of digital solutions integrated into an innovative service ”.

The theories of change, which are strongly interrelated, relate to (i) improving the management of agricultural and pastoral operations by increasing access to and use of information and geo-satellite data as well as, appropriate advice that enhances their productivity, (ii) increasing business opportunities, transactions and economic value within value chains and (iii) promoting a shared vision by stakeholders for scaling up innovative digital services.

Built on a long-term programmatic vision, and on the basis of years of learning and iteration in Mali and Burkina Faso, the IDAN project, in the period from 2021 to 2023, will facilitate access to the offered digital solutions for 35,000 farmers and pastoralists (including 15% of women and young people) in the Tahoua, Tillabéri and Dosso regions of Niger, and thanks to interoperability, of 5,000 pastoral farmers in the cross-border space of Liptako Gourma. Using this integrated offer will increase their income by 10% and increase their food security and resilience. Drawing on an ecosystem of diverse service providers, the scaling up and operation of the service will be supported by a business model, and development towards its sustainability will be facilitated by a public-private partnership.

IDAN is the result of extensive consultation with stakeholders in the agriculture and livestock sectors and the digital ecosystem in Niger. In its approach, it is resolutely committed to promoting complementarities, synergies and the sharing of knowledge for the scaling up of innovative digital services.


Mise en oeuvre  : The implementation of IDAN will be ensured by a consortium of partners : SNV (lead partner), the Association for the Revitalization of Livestock in Niger (AREN), the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Hoefsloot Spatial Solutions and a mobile phone operator

Budget  : €4.84 mln


Objectives / Purpose of activity (pdf)

Page publiée le 28 août 2022