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International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) 2021

Silvopastoralism and welfare of animals in Borana

People Resilience Silvopastoralism

International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) – CGIAR

Titre : Silvopastoralism and welfare of animals in Borana

Pays : Ethiopia

Date : From Jan 2021 To Dec 2021

ILRI Research Programs  : Animal and human health

The project aims to improve the livelihood resilience of people in the Borana zone in Ethiopia by strengthening silvopastoralism in a way to sustainably improve animal welfare and livestock health and production.

Silvopastoralism is a form of agroforestry that involves integrating trees, forage and the grazing of domesticated animals in a mutually beneficial way. This project will develop site-specific action plans to strengthen silvopastoralism and its value chain integrating management of dry forests, rangelands and animal production.

To work with communities, researchers and decision-makers to : * understand challenges, trade-offs and synergies of dry forests and linkages to animal welfare, livestock health and production, and livelihood diversification opportunities ; * co-develop and plan actions to improve the use of dry forests, rangelands, animal welfare and production and development of new tree-linked value chains ; and * enhance the capacity of partners to sustainably integrate the management of dry forests in natural resource management plans, to improve animal welfare and productivity, and to support new non-timber forest products value chains.

Partenaire (s) Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse World Agroforestry Centre

Financement : Biovision


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