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Desert Biomes


Titre : Desert Biomes

Auteur(s) : Joyce A Quinn
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Date de parution : 2008
Pages : 224

This volume in the Greenwood Guides to Biomes of the World : focuses on deserts, the seemingly desolate - but actually quite lively - regions that are home to some of the most interesting and beautiful flora and fauna in the world. Desert Biomes examines three different types of biomes : warm/hot deserts (such as the Mojave and Sahara deserts), cold deserts (such as Patagonia in South America), and the West Coast Fog Desert biomes, which occur on certain regions of the western edge of major continents. The volumes examines how these biomes are unique : - Vegetation - Geographical Distribution - Soil - Challenges posed by the environment - Adaptation of the plants and animals to the environment - Conservation efforts Maps, photos, diagrams, drawings, and tables accompany the text, as do sidebars that highlight habitats, species, and ecological relationships. The volume includes a bibliography of accessible resources for further research.

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