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UK Research and Innovations (2022)

Living in difference and in common : urban refugees and convivial cultures in Kenya

Refugees Living Convivial

Titre : Living in difference and in common : urban refugees and convivial cultures in Kenya

Pays/Région : Kenya

Durée : févr. 22 - févr. 24

Référence projet : AH/W009919/1
Catégorie : Research Grant

This project seeks to improve knowledge on how relationships between urban refugees and local communities contribute to building trust and maintaining peace in Kenyan towns and cities. It explores the ways in which peaceful coexistence can be promoted between communities that have different cultural backgrounds, but share the challenges associated with urbanisation and poverty. It also seeks to strengthen an existing international network that brings together academic researchers in the Human Settlements Group at (IIED), with two institutions in Kenya : SDI-Kenya (a federation of organised low-income urban communities) and Koch Films (youth-led participatory film-makers).

Together the network will explore and document positive relationships and interactions between urban refugees and host populations in urban centres in Kenya, as well as sites of tension and mistrust. New knowledge will be generated through the use of participatory research methods, including urban ethnographic walks and documentary film-making. It will focus on three themes :
* 1. Community-based slum upgrading : how a federation of slum dwellers in Nairobi (SDI) has expanded its scope of work to ensure slum improvement processes are inclusive of forcibly displaced people, and that municipal authorities are aware of their challenges, aspirations and perspectives ;
* 2. Protection of vulnerable people : how local grassroots safehouses established and run by the Kenyan-Somali community protect women in vulnerable situations and navigate relationships with the UN refugee agency and the local police ;
* 3. Shared local livelihoods : how relationships of trust and cooperation are built through shared local livelihoods, and what factors and actors contribute to economic and social well-being in market hubs where urban refugees work.

Lead Research Organisation : International Institute for Env and Dev

Financement : Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)
Budget  : £54 589

UK Research and Innovations

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