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Support Program to Environmental Sectoral Policy (PAPSE)


Titre : Support Program to Environmental Sectoral Policy (PAPSE)

Pays/Région : Algérie

Durée : 2014 – 2018

The main objective of the Support Program to Environmental Sectoral Policy (PAPSE) was the strengthening of capacities of the Algerian government in order to implement its environmental policy with a focus on the metropolitan region of Algiers and a perspective of sustainable development. The program significantly contributed to the development of favorable conditions in the three pillars of sustainable development, notably the support of environmental protection. The Ministry for Spatial Planning and Environment (MATE) and its subsidiary organizations were the beneficiary and main partner in the project implementation.

Technical assistance contributed to the realisation of the program objective through a Program Support Unit (UAP). The two principal missions of the UAP were to ensure technical assistance through the provision of expertise for the implementation of the three program components, and to assist the Program Directorate in the administrative coordination and the monitoring of budget support.

Five activity poles were foreseen that were expected to correspond to the objectives and expected results of the three components of PAPSE : * Steering, strategy, communication and visibility * Biodiversity/coastal zone/climate change * Integrated waste management * Industrial pollution and clean technologies * Training/capacity development/information/sensibilization

Financement : Union Européenne
Budget  : 4,774,750 EUR

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