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Erosion control in the tropics

Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)

Titre : Erosion control in the tropics

Auteur(s) : Kuypers, H., Mollema, A., Topper, E.
Editeur : Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA)
Date de parution : 2005
Pages : 76

This booklet may be considered as an extensive reply to the question “What can be done against erosion in this particular area ?”. It is at the same time an introduction to erosion control. The booklet is intended to be useful for people who are confronted with the practical aspects of erosion. The publication gives an insight into the causes and the course of erosion processes by stating the factors which influence the mechanism of erosion and how these factors are linked up it also clarifies the relation between erosion and the farming system. Land-use largely determines whether erosion will occur, erosion in its turn again imposes limitations on agriculture. Soil conservation measures and the principles on which they are based and how they can be applied are covered as well. How erosion can be prevented is also intensively discussed.

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