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Wastewater Re-use and Groundwater Quality


IAHS Red Book Series / Collection des livres rouges de l’AISH

Edited by Joop Steenvoorden & Theodore Endreny

Publisher : International Association of Hydrological Sciences/ Association internationale des sciences hydrologiques (IAHS/AIHS)
Date de parution : IAHS Publication 285 (April 2004)
Pages : 112

Présentation An integrated approach to the groundwater resource–wastewater production–wastewater (pre-)treatment–wastewater re-use chain is required to find optimal solutions with respect to food security, cost-effectiveness, environmental load and health risks.

Re-use of (pre-)treated wastewater, especially in agriculture, could considerably contribute to water resource conservation, recycling of nutrients, and prevention of surface water pollution. Water quality guidelines are necessary for wastewater irrigation, but they are rather strict and developing countries cannot afford the expensive treatment.

Joop Steenvoorden provides an overview and broad perspective concluding that decentralized collection and anaerobic treatment of wastewater and use of the treated water and by-products has many merits, whilst Jules Van Lier and Frans Huibers call for a paradigm shift with respect to sanitation and treatment.

Case studies from China, India, Pakistan and Berlin (Germany), are included, with studies of methodology, monitoring and modelling in the context of wastewater production, treatment, and re-use potential.

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