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Sustainability of Water Resources under Increasing Uncertainty


Titre : Sustainability of Water Resources under Increasing Uncertainty

IAHS Red Book Series / Collection des livres rouges de l’AISH

Edited by Dan Rosbjerg, Nour-Eddine Boutayeb, Alan Gustard, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz & Peter F. Rasmussen
Publisher : International Association of Hydrological Sciences/ Association internationale des sciences hydrologiques (IAHS/AIHS)
Date de parution : 1997

Proceedings of a symposium held during the Fifth IAHS Scientific Assembly at Rabat, Morocco, April–May 1997 The symposium on Sustainability of Water Resources under Increasing Uncertainty, jointly convened by the International Commission on Water Resources Systems, the International Commission on Surface Water, and the International Commission on Groundwater during the 5th IAHS Scientific Assembly held in Rabat, Morocco, April–May 1997, examines the hydrological basis and management options which provide the scientific foundation for the sustainable use of water resources.

The published proceedings include a number of papers from the hydrological community in Africa where problems of sustainability have been highlighted by decreased rainfall which has resulted in severe and prolonged agricultural and water resource drought over extensive regions of the continent. The 56 published papers reflect the wide range of global issues and scientific challenges encountered by hydrologists. In considering the scientific issues which affect both surface water and groundwater availability and the policies and measures which should be introduced to provide reliable and sustainable water resource systems, a key focus was the impact of environmental change, including climate, land use, urbanization, economic development and greater public awareness of environmental issues.

The papers in this proceedings are a contribution to the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO

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