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L’hydrologie tropicale : géoscience et outil pour le développement


IAHS Red Book Series / Collection des livres rouges de l’AISH

Mélanges à la mémoire de Jean Rodier (Dedicated to the memory of Jean Rodier)

Edité par P. Chevallier & B. Pouyaud

Publisher : International Association of Hydrological Sciences/ Association internationale des sciences hydrologiques (IAHS/AIHS)
Date de parution : 1996
Pages : 436


Jean Rodier devoted his professional life to tropical regions and developing countries. One year after his death the 11th Journées Hydrologiques de l’Orstom provided an opportunity to pay him homage - an international conference dedicated to his memory was organized and held in Paris from 3 to 4 May 1995. The title of this conference was "L’hydrologie tropicale : géoscience et outil pour le développement (Tropical hydrology : a geoscience and a tool for sustainability)" reflecting perfectly the framework and the objectives of Jean Rodier’s work.

The 30 principal papers presented at this conference are brought together in this publication. At a time when water is a major challenge in the relationships between societies, this book demonstrates the interest of scientific specialists concerned with the tropical world. It is concerned with the improvements of knowledge, methods and techniques, and how these can be applied in the developing countries of the tropics. While recalling Jean Rodier’s approach and teachings, this book also considers the state of the art and the prospects for the future. The titles and abstracts of all the papers are provided in both French and English and the papers are arranged in five sections :
(1) Remembering tropical hydrology
(2) Rainfall and climate in tropical milieu
(3) Tropical hydrological regimes
(4) Data processing and hydrological modelling in the tropics

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