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Restoring food and nutrition security (Sudan)


Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF)

Titre : Restoring food and nutrition security (Sudan)

Pays /Région : Soudan

Code projet : 22-RR-FAO-015

Durée : Project start : 24 May 2022 | Project end : 23 Nov 2022

The objective of this project is to restore crop and animal sourced food availability in order to ensure food and nutrition security of afffected people. This project covers both agricultural and livestock assistance, to rapidly reduce dependence on emergency food assistance, and provides a basis for medium and longer-term recovery. It includes provision of essential inputs including certified crop, legume and vegetable seeds, donkey ploughs and hand tools, veterinary vaccines and drugs, animal protein-rich concentrate feed, and mineral licks, donkey carts and productive animals. The agricultural inputs enable the target population to resume basic productive activities in the short term and in time for the next agricultural season. The project targets a total of 900,000 affected people.

Population ciblée : Host communities, Refugees, Returnees, Internally displaced persons
Bénéficiaires : 900,000

Recipient UN Agency  : FAO

Financement : $12,000,000

Présentation : CERF

Page publiée le 27 septembre 2022