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Laying the foundation towards efficient milk processing in 2018 and beyond.


Titre : Laying the foundation towards efficient milk processing in 2018 and beyond.

Pays : Kenya

Durée : ACTUAL START DATE 2017-02-01 /// ACTUAL END DATE 2017-11-30

Code du projet  : NL-KVK-41048542-NL-KVK-41048542-17BAM-7171

1. Set up a working extension department by the end of 2017 2. Improve financial management BAMSCOS affiliates in 2017 by training at least 9 such affiliates. 3. Set up management structures supportive of the intended management structures

Baringo Agricultural Marketing Services Cooperative Society limited (BAMSCOS) is an umbrella organization formed in August 2012 by fifteen (15) agricultural marketing cooperatives in Baringo County. Thirteen (13) of these cooperatives were dealing with marketing of members’ milk while two (2) were involved in coffee and honey activities. As at the end of 2016 BAMSCOS has grown its membership upto eighteen (18) dairy primary cooperative societies with intensified activities. They’ve therefore transformed into basically a dairy union with great emphasis on milk processing as evidenced by the recent acquisition of land and subsequent construction of the processing facility. In terms of individual membership BAMSCOS serves approximately twelve thousand members if 2016 figures are to be relied upon with an opportunity to even grow it further.

For 2017 and beyond BAMSCOS has an intention of laying a strong foundation in terms of milk deliveries and the capacity to process so that when that time comes they will be having the right fundaments to tackle the challenges oftenly associated with milk processing. Activities to do with strengthening of member services and professionalizing the processing plant are being given priority as well as the capacity of board and management.

Mise en œuvre : Baringo Agricultural Marketing Services Cooperative Society ; Stichting Agriterra

Financement : Directoraat Generaal Internationale Samenwerking
Budget : 214 291 USD (Stichting Agriterra)

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