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Strengthening the foundation for efficient milk processing in 2018/2019


Titre : Strengthening the foundation for efficient milk processing in 2018/2019

Pays : Kenya

Durée : ACTUAL START DATE 2018-03-01 // ACTUAL END DATE 2019-10-31

Code du projet  : NL-KVK-41048542-NL-KVK-41048542-18BAM-7657

1. Strengthen the extension department to be able to deliver at least more than 20% milk increases in 2019. 2. Make concrete steps to ensure that BAMSCOS starts processing their milk in 2019/2020. 3. Ensure that governance financial management and HR conforms to the demands of a dairy cooperative processing their milk.

BAMSCOS was set up in 2012 initially to champion the interest of all the cooperatives in Baringo County. However over time and due to the dominance of dairy cooperatives within the County they’ve evolved to become a serious player in the dairy value chain. BAMSCOS has been able to convince all its affiliates to agree to bulk their milk together and prepare for joint and formal processing of all their milk. Through the assistance of the County government and other key stakeholders they’ve also bought land and constructed a factory building which they hope to install machinery on it and be able to formally initiate the milk processing activities in 2018/2019. Regarding finances BAMSCOS were able to get committment of all her affiliates to contribute towards sharehodling. In 2018 they will be stepping up the gear by ammending the by-laws and changing the mode of remitting share capital from a fixed amount to an activity based rate thus expected to get more capital streaming in. In 2018 they were able to collect an average of 29 753 litres of milk which is the portion sold through the formal channels. They expect to grow these 2018 deliveries by at least 20% in 2019 through better extension services supply of inputs and negotiated competitive milk price from the processors. OTHER

Mise en œuvre : Baringo Agricultural Marketing Services Cooperative Society ; Stichting Agriterra

Financement : Directoraat Generaal Internationale Samenwerking
Budget : 84 873 USD (Stichting Agriterra)

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