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Enhancement of Farmer Entrepeneurship for Development (EFED) Kenya


Titre : Enhancement of Farmer Entrepeneurship for Development (EFED) Kenya

Pays : Kenya

Durée : ACTUAL START DATE 2015-03-23 // ACTUAL END DATE 2018-03-19

Code du projet  : NL-KVK-41048542-11KN-5701

Objectifs _* General objective : 1. To transform farmer groups into entrepreneurial entities through capacity building and engagement with actors in priority value chains for improved rural livelihoods

* Specific objectives : 1. To enable KENFAP to sensitize and select Common Interest Groups (CIPs) to cluster into and form Producers Business Groups (PBGs) in Priority Agricultural Product Value Chains : 3 months ; 2. To allow these PBGs to develop a bankable business plan : 3 months ; 3. To identify and finance designated business development services needed by the PBGs in the first year of the operation : starting September 1st, 2011.

Under the farmers fighting poverty phase II, KENFAP intends to facilitate the grassroots entrepreneurship through farmer-led economic venture in an articulate and well organized fashion. This entails a pre-inception study to identify the existing enterprises (value chains) and order them into priorities. The top three priorities will be further interrogated to identify the investment possibilities therein. Being possibilities from the priority value chains arrived at in view of objective prioritization criteria, it is most likely that once amplified, such a value chain will benefit many. The investment options will be identified in view of their effect to the value chain, occurring in two forms. They could be advantageous on the APVC if amplified therefore opportunistic or they could be hindrances/constraints to the value chain which if alleviated would lead to amplification of the chain activities and outputs.

From the two categories, a second level prioritization will be conducted to arrive at the investment options of the concerned AB. The options will therefore be given back to the farmers and details of the extent to which their uptake would amplify the value chain unveiled. They will make the final decision on what to invest in, which will therefore be further interrogated to arrive at the finite form of the arrangement. Investment will thereafter be structured to realize the intended benefits. This arrangements guarantee farmer benefits on a wider scale through increased returns to investments.

Mise en œuvre : ILO CoopAfrica ; KENFAP – Central ; Kenya National Farmers Federation ; LTO Noord ; SNV Netherlands Development Organisation ; Stichting Agriterra ; ZLTO - Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie

Financement : Directoraat Generaal Internationale Samenwerking
Budget : 2 680 586 USD (Stichting Agriterra)

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