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WAFIRA : Women as financially independent rural actors (Morocco)


Titre : WAFIRA : Women as financially independent rural actors (Morocco)

Pays : Maroc

Identifiant : MAR/21/01/ICM

Date/Durée : Start date : October 14, 2021 // End date : October 13, 2024

Résumé partiel
This 3-year joint project with the Spanish Secretary of State for Migration is executed in the framework of the Mobility Partnership Facility mechanism, managed by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and financed by the European Commission. The general objective of this project is to maximize the positive impact of migration and mobility through the sustainable socio-economic reintegration of Moroccan women migrant seasonal workers by developing and supporting the financing of sustainable income-generating activities. This project aims to pilot an experience of strengthening the entrepreneurial, agricultural and commercial skills of 250 Moroccan seasonal migrant women so that they can create, finance and manage income-generating activities allowing their sustainable socio-professional reintegration in Morocco. Participants will be selected from the existing mobility scheme between Morocco and Spain, entitled GECCO (Collective management of recruitment in the country of origin). Based on the cooperative and micro-enterprise models developed by the ILO and those already existing in Morocco and Spain, the project aims to : • enable the selected women to develop or strengthen an individual income generating activity (IGA) project, • strengthen their entrepreneurial and/or cooperative management capacities, • provide candidates with financial education skills, • facilitate and support their access to financing, including by granting a financial guarantee, • support and finalize their integration into the national social protection system for those whose status allows it

Partenaire (s) : International Centre for Migration Policy Development

Total alloué : $ 910,000

Présentation (OIT)

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