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Somalia Productive Sectors Development Programme, Phase 1


Titre : Somalia Productive Sectors Development Programme, Phase 1

Pays : Somalie

Identifiant : SOM/19/07/UND

Date/Durée : Start date : September 1, 2020 // End date : September 30, 2023

Résumé partiel
Prolonged instability in Somalia has inhibited the economic growth potential of Somalia. The country’s 25-year conflict has seen the destruction of key economic infrastructure ; government buildings, public facilities, roads, and transportation and communication networks have been destroyed or severely damaged. In this context, the lack of economic infrastructure that stimulates enterprise development and supports economic growth has resulted in limited investments in the productive sectors, effectively constraining the urban population to rely predominantly on an informal economy based on trade, transport, utilities, communication and construction, for income and service provision. Policies to stimulate economic growth are required on multiple fronts. Significant investments to close the country’s capital and infrastructure gap will be needed to increase economic growth in the medium term. Reforms in public financial management, strengthened governance, and improvements to the business environment are needed. To support diversification, policies should focus on addressing weaknesses that hinder entry into new lines of economic activity, such as the provision of infrastructure, security, the regulatory and institutional environment. Short- and medium-term policies to diversify Somalia’s economy could help stabilize the economy and enhance economic recovery.

Partenaire (s) : Multi Partner Trust Fund Office, UNDP

Total alloué : $ 263,517

Présentation (OIT)

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