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Sudan : Blue Schools


Titre : Sudan : Blue Schools

Pays : Soudan
Zone : North Kordofan and West Kordofan

Date/ Durée : 01.07.2020 – 30.06.2023

The present Blue Schools Project is looking at improving sustainable and safe drinking water and sanitation provision in 30 schools in North and West Kordofan. Through the Blue Schools concept, school children acquire knowledge about climate-smart gardening, prevention of waterborne diseases, malaria and other vectors of disease through hygiene promotion. School children thus have the ability of becoming agents of change in their communities. The project also promotes appropriate sanitation services that are gender sensitive and which address the different needs, including Menstruation Health and Hygiene Management

Through this project, access to basic and essential WASH services is increased by improving access to safe water supply and sanitation and by changing the WASH behaviour of students while at the same time improving their knowledge and practices on hygiene. The project is based on the Blue Schools approach to enhance knowledge and practices for school-aged children. Schools stand at the heart of the project and students act as agents of change to improve water, sanitation and hygiene knowledge, attitudes, and practices of rural communities. Likewise, within a collaboration framework with stakeholders such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and that of Environment and Water Resources, as well as the local authorities, the project is increasing the knowledge and disseminating good practices that are translated into improved policies. The project is essentially focussing on the community health and geared towards prevention. Therefore, it helps to play the interface between the vulnerable population that are at the centre of our action and the public authority. Thus, giving them the opportunity to have access to quality public services and at the same time contribute to the behaviour change for a healthy life. The project encourages innovation that comes with the creativity from school children especially within the school clubs which spearhead the project in schools. These school clubs enable students to demonstrate their hidden talents through drama, painting, art and the like to promote good hygiene practices, climate- smart gardening and environmental protection.

Partenaires : Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS ; North and West Kordofan branches), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Water Environment Sanitation (WES) and Water Corporation in Abuzabad, Bara, El Nehud and Sheikan localities

Financement : Swiss Red Cross
Budget (in CHF) : CHF 3’000’000

Swiss Water & Sanitation Consortium

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