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Modelling soil erosion by water


Titre : Modelling soil erosion by water

The first appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of current erosion models, in particular with respect to their application in global change studies

Auteur(s) : John Boardman, David Favis-Mortlock,
Publisher : Springer
Date de parution : 1998
Pages : 531

This book compares existing soil erosion models and determines their suitability for predicting the impacts of global change upon soil erosion. The common datasets used for the evaluation are drawn from both temperate and semi-arid areas ; they represent 73 site-years of data from seven sites in three countries. Six field-scale erosion models are evaluated ; five of these are continuous-simulation types (GLEAMS, EPIC, CSEP, MEDRUSH and WEPP), the other is event-based (EUROSERM). After an introduction, the results of the model evaluation exercise are presented. Subsequent sections deal with weaknesses or omissions in current modelling approaches, descriptions of specific erosion models, and potential or actual model applications.


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