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Department for International Development UKAID


Pays : Jordanie

Numéro du projet : GB-GOV-13-FUND—Newton-AH_S011633_1

Organismes de mise en œuvre : University of Reading

Durée : Actual Start 01 Feb 2019 // Actual End31 Jan 2021

Objectif partiel
Faynan is an impoverished region of southern Jordan. It has a remarkable landscape of archaeology that has received more than 40 years of research, principally by UK, US and German research teams. The Department of Antiquities, supported by the AHRC funded ’Discovering WF16’ (AH/P005594/1) project, has begun to develop a local museum with the joint aims of developing eco-tourism to generate income into the local community for sustainable development, and build community engagement with the museum for social cohesiveness and well-being. The objective of the ’Our Past, Our Future, All Together in Faynan’ project is to make a significant contribution to this task : to build community engagement with the Faynan Museum and facilities for eco-tourism to support social cohesiveness, individual well-being and sustainable economic development in Faynan. This will be achieved via six work packages, each with their own objectives and of equal priority : Objective and WP1 : To re-design the museum by working with the Faynan community to co-create the gallery space to include representation of the last 100 years of Faynan’s history. The current exhibition ends abruptly at the Ottoman period, inadvertently implying that the ’past is the past’, having played no role in shaping the present day community, economy, politics and landscape. It also fails to record the character and diversity of lifestyles in Faynan throughout the last century, these now rapidly being lost from memory. Objective and WP2 : To facilitate members of the local community to tell their own history and stories about Faynan in their own way, and represent this within the museum. The current exhibition tells the story of Faynan entirely from an external, western and academic perspective. It fails to provide an account of Faynan’s history from the local community itself. What are their stories about Faynan ? How are the stories of each tribe different from each other ? What are their views about key events of the past that have shaped their present ? How might the museum present their own view of history to themselves, their children, neighbours and visitors to Faynan ?

Financement : UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Project budget : £202,384

Présentation (UKAID)

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