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MARAM : Mobilising Access to Rights for Artists in Morocco


Department for International Development UKAID

Titre : MARAM : Mobilising Access to Rights for Artists in Morocco

Pays : Maroc

Numéro du projet : GB-GOV-13-FUND—GCRF-AH_S005846_1

Organismes de mise en œuvre : University of Edinburgh

Durée : Actual Start 01 Aug 2019 // Actual End31 Oct 2020

Mobilising Access to Rights for Artists in Morocco (MARAM) furthers the impact of our ESRC-AHRC (GCRF) project ’Arts for Advocacy’. MARAM aims firstly to continue to contribute to debate, influence opinion, and inform migration policy in Morocco, and secondly to address an unforeseen gap in our previous project by fostering greater social and institutional recognition for marginal artists in Morocco (specifically migrants from Africa and the Middle East and Moroccans from disadvantaged communities). MARAM is an innovative project generating long-lasting, sustainable change to enhance artists’ rights and access to social, cultural and economic opportunities. MARAM has 3 interlinked ODA-compliant objectives : 1. To develop a trilingual (Arabic, French, English) Toolkit to facilitate the navigation of existing legislation and administrative hurdles by artists based in Morocco. Through a series of Workshops facilitated by our non-academic Project Partner (Racines), we will generate a Toolkit to assist marginal artists based in Morocco to : a) understand the national policy framework surrounding the status of artists, and b) navigate relevant administrative procedures (e.g. to obtain an artist card, which is an eligibility requirement for accessing Ministry of Culture funds for artistic ventures). 2. To enhance artistic collaboration and support networks amongst artists based in Morocco, and between artists and cultural professionals. In partnership with Racines, MARAM will host an Artistic Residency Programme for marginal migrant and Moroccan artists. As part of the residency, participants will creatively engage with what it means to be an artist in Morocco and will generate creative pieces to be exhibited online and during the Migrant’Scène arts and migration festival in Morocco at the end of the project. 3. To generate a trilingual (Arabic, French, English) Manifesto for Artists’ Rights to shape policies affecting artists based in Morocco. Through the Workshops co-organised with Racines throughout the Artistic Residency Programme, MARAM will engage participant artists and professionals from the creative sector in Morocco in reflection and debates on artists’ status and rights in Morocco. In coordination with Racines, MARAM will run a Forum for stakeholders, decision-makers, and policy-makers to launch the Manifesto with in order to influence and reshape cultural and migration policies in Morocco. These objectives and related programme of activities will generate transferable outputs (Toolkit, Creative Outputs, Manifesto) with the following short, mid, and long-term impacts : - Benefit to marginal migrant and Moroccan artists by enhancing their access to rights and their social and institutional recognition ; - Fostering and enhancement of networks and partnerships in the creative and cultural sector in Morocco ; - Shaping institutional policies at national level in Morocco to sustain improvements in other ODA countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Financement : UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Project budget : £86,417

Présentation (UKAID)

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