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Arts for Advocacy : Creative Engagement with Forced Displacement in Morocco


Department for International Development UKAID

Titre : Arts for Advocacy : Creative Engagement with Forced Displacement in Morocco

Pays : Maroc

Numéro du projet : GB-GOV-13-FUND—GCRF-ES_P004598_1

Organismes de mise en œuvre : University of Edinburgh

Durée : Actual Start 01 Nov 2016 // Actual End31 Jul 2018

This project aims to develop and evaluate the capacity of innovative, interdisciplinary, and participatory arts-based methods to facilitate creative engagement (through embodied, textual and visual creative practices) to enable cultural expressions of displacement, social interaction between displaced communities and their host societies, and political mobilisation and advocacy for the recognition of migrant rights in Morocco. This project is co-designed and will be delivered with three Project Partners in Morocco : an NGO supporting forced migrants (GADEM), a forced migrants’ association (ALECMA), and a collective of artists (DABATEATR). The project has four objectives : 1. To deploy creative arts-based methods to generate fresh empirical and theoretical insights on displacement and migration in Morocco as a case study, and to evaluate the potential for application in other ODA contexts. We develop creative methods to explore displacement in a transnational, intercultural context, but do not take for granted that interdisciplinary collaboration will be productive. Rather, through ethnographic fieldwork and semi-structured interviews we interrogate the extent to which creative arts-based methods can offer new insights on forced displacement. Through participant observation we will examine the extent to which migrants’ experiences of creative workshops are relevant to their everyday lives. 2. To undertake collaborative participatory activities to enhance the capacity of NGOs supporting displaced communities in Morocco to pursue sustainable engagement, research, and advocacy programmes. NGOs, like our Project Partner GADEM, have restricted capacity to support their service users due to limited outreach to the ’host’ population, lack of engagement with other practitioners across Morocco, and absence of a shared strategy to bridge the divide among practitioners, activists, and researchers. The ’Arts of Advocacy’ seminar for practitioners aims to strengthen GADEM’s capacity to collaborate successfully with a wider portion of the Moroccan populations, carry out training with other NGOs in Morocco on arts-based advocacy, and share best practice with new partners in the UK. 3. To enhance the advocacy capacity of smaller, migrant-led, grassroots associations in Morocco. ALECMA’s capacity to support its members is constrained by a narrow range of partners and contacts, restricted impact of advocacy actions, and limited experience and skills in co-developing and co-delivering arts-based projects.

Financement : UK - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Project budget : £201,946

Présentation (UKAID)

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