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Lanzhou University (2022)

Effects of Biochar on the Quality of Aeolian Sandy Soil in Desert Grassland


Titre : Effects of Biochar on the Quality of Aeolian Sandy Soil in Desert Grassland

Auteur : 付贵全

Grade : Doctoral Dissertation 2022

Université : Lanzhou University

Résumé partiel
Desertification affected by the combined action of natural and human factors,environmental pollution caused by mishandling the agricultural,forestry and animal husbandry wastes and other biomass wastes,and rising levels of greenhouse gases,which are the outstanding problem for restricting the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and improvement of human settlements.Application of biochar made by those biomasses into desert soil may be win-win strategies to solve these problems,which is in line with low carbon,green,efficient,recycle and sustainable high-quality development.Whether biochar can improve desert soil quality and reduce soil carbon emissions need to be solved.Hence,we selected the aeolian sandy soil of desert grassland as the research object,on basis of the field observation,indoor analysis and numerical simulation methods,comparatively studied the effect of biochar on the physicochemical properties and process of the soil,quantitative relationship between soil water characteristic parameters,wind erosion and nutrient,mastered the effect of biochar on the laws of soil water movement and soil respiration changes,evaluated aeolian sandy soil quality in desert grassland using biochar.It will provide technical support and theoretical basis for realizing the benign development of desert grassland ecosystem.The following conclusions were drawn :(1)Adding biochar with high dosage(4%)and small particle size(0~0.25 mm)to the soil could significantly increase soil organic matter content,specific surface area,cation exchange capacity and C/N ratio,promoted the formation of soil aggregates,and improved the stability and average geometric diameter of soil aggregates.The increasing physical stability index of the soil decreased the soil erodibility,which significantly reduced the total soil loss and salt/creep loss,and increased suspension loss and PM10.Therefore,the combination of biochar with 4%dose and particle size(0~0.25 mm)should be added to the soil so as to improve the soil fertility.(2)The combination of small particle size and high dose(4%)of biochar could change the soil pore structure,significantly increased the soil total porosity,medium porosity and small porosity,hence,significantly increased soil saturated water content(0~0.25 mm,26.07%),field water capacity(0.25~1.00 mm,72.99%),wilting water content(0.25~1.00 mm,144.44%)and available water content(0~0.25 mm,65.15%).Meanwhile,soil water content with soil matrix potential<-15 Mpa significantly increased,soil infiltration rate,cumulative infiltration and water evaporation loss ratio decreased,but soil water evaporation significantly increased.Hence,the combination of biochar with 4%dose and small particle size(0~0.25 mm or 0.25~1.00 mm)was recommended to enhance soil water retention capacity.

Mots clés : Desert grassland ;ecological function ;soil quality ;aeolian sandy soil ;biochar;

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