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Climate and Land Degradation


Titre : Climate and Land Degradation

Series : Environmental Science and Engineering

Edirtors : Sivakumar, Mannava V.K. ; Ndiang’ui, Ndegwa (Eds.)
Publisher : Springer
Date de parution : 2007
Pages : 624

In many parts of the world, climatic variations are recognized as one of the major factors contributing to land degradation impacting on agricultural systems performance and management. The climate resources and the risk of climate-related or induced natural disasters in a region must be known in order to accurately assess sustainable land management practices. Only when climate resources are paired with management or development practices can land degradation potential be assessed and appropriate mitigation technologies developed. This book, based on an International Workshop held in Arusha, Tanzania, presents state-of-the-art papers, real world applications and innovative techniques for combating land degradation. It also offers recommendations for effectively using weather and climate information for sustainable land management practices.

Table of contents
Global Trends in Land Degradation.- Trends in Land Degradation in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Carribean and in Europe.- Climate and Land Degradation - Overwiev.- Extreme Events and Land Degradation.- Effects of Some Meteorological Parameters on Land Degradation in Tanzania.- Rainfall and Land Degradation.- Frequency of Wet and Dry Spells.- Climate Variability, Climate Change and Land Degradation.- Fire Weather and Land Degradation.- Importance of Drought Information in Monitoring and Assessing Land Degradation.- Agriculture-environment Nexus in Land Degradation.- Using Weather and Climate Information for Landslide Prevention and Mitigation.- Drought Hazard and Land Degradation Management in the Drylands of Southern Africa.- Drought Monitoring for SADC Countries.- Carbon Sequestration and Land Degradation.- Environmental and Financial Synergies on Afforestation of Degraded Lands.- Improving NAPs Implentation.

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