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Landscapes and Landforms of the Horn of Africa — Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia

Springer Cham

Titre : Landscapes and Landforms of the Horn of Africa — Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia

Auteur (s) : Paolo Billi
Publisher  : Springer Cham
Date de parution : 25 Oct 2022
Pages : 520

This book focuses on regions for which until now the geomorphology was very poorly studied and relatively unknown. Nevertheless, the landforms and landscapes of the Horn of Africa are highly attractive, diverse and in a few cases unique, since they span very different environments, from highland plateaus and mountains to lowlands (even below sea level) and coastlines with a high degree of diversity and from monsoon to arid climate conditions.

The main topics addressed in the book include the links between the geological evolution and the current large scale geomorphology of the Horn of Africa ; the large differences between the highlands and lowlands climate, river hydrology and their variation through time within a climate change perspective. This part of the world was home of the very first hominids. The landscape in which they lived and evolved throughout the Pleistocene is described in comparison with the arid and inhospitable, though immensely scenic, environment of today.

Perennial and ephemeral rivers with very different morphology, processes and hydrology drain the area and when they are able to reach the sea they substantially contribute to determine the main coast and beach landforms. Their changes trough time, induced by both natural and anthropogenic factors are addressed by a couple of case studies. Though the region has few inhabitants they had to struggle to find their livelihood in a land that offers poor resources. This resulted in landscape change and land degradation. Examples of human impact on the landscape are presented at different scales.

This book provides readers interested in geography and geomorphology with essential scientific and educational information on the Landscapes and Landforms of Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia through simple, though scientifically, rigorous texts illustrated with several color maps and photos. One main prerogative of this book is therefore to give an insight into a region of the world where, for geographical and historical constraints, geomorphological investigation was very limited, thus enriching its intrinsic informative value.

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