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Soil Erosion Control in Drylands

Springer Cham

Titre : Soil Erosion Control in Drylands

Auteur (s) : Mohammad Jafari, Mohammad Tahmoures, Mohammad Ehteram, Majid Ghorbani, Fatemeh Panahi
Publisher  : Springer Cham
Date de parution : 26 Aug 2022
Pages : 700

This book focuses on drylands such as arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas where they form the main part of ecosystems, e.g., in Iran, but also around the world. Mismanagement and improper exploitation of these areas lead to more degradation day by day.

Besides an introduction to the role and importance of vegetation cover in conserving soil against wind and water erosion, this book gives a scope of appropriate techniques and methods for vegetation establishment and maintenance, indicators for suitable plants selection for soil conservation, and soil erosion prevention and combat. It provides methods of soil erosion prevention and combating through the application of plants, using bioengineering systems for soil erosion control and the role of agroforestry in soil erosion prevention.

This book can be helpful to those with an interest in countries with similar climates to Iran. In particular, this includes Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakista

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