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Microbiology of Hot Deserts

Springer Cham

Titre : Microbiology of Hot Deserts

Covers numerous aspects of the microbiology of hot desert soil ecosystems
First volume to also include modern metagenomics technologies to study desert organisms.
Collates disparate information from a wide range of desert soil microbial fields

Editor (s) : Jean-Baptiste Ramond, Don A. Cowan
Publisher  : Springer Cham
Date de parution : 2022
Pages : 349

This book covers the wider aspects of the microbiology of hot desert soil ecosystems, compiling disparate information from a range of relevant desert soil microbial fields.

The reader learns about microbial ecology of the more dominant and possibly most important desert habitats, detailing the phylogenetic and functional diversity of these different habitats as well as their potential role in desert ecosystem ecology. Particular attention is also given to microbial stress adaptation in hot desert soils. Furthermore, it is the first volume in this particular field to cover modern metagenomics technologies that can be applied to studies of all aspects of desert microbial communities. Additionally, the book explores viruses and viral communities, which are among the least studied (and little understood) components of desert soil microbial communities. Particular attention is also given to the roles of desert microbial communities in biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. Through this book the reader discovers how desert microbiology has been at the forefront of Astrobiology and how it may be used conceptually in future terraforming strategies.

Desert ecosystems are increasingly coming into focus given the impacts of climate change and desertification trends, making this volume particularly timely. Each of the chapters is authored by leading international researchers and is a must-read for microbial ecologists.

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