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Combating Aeolian Desertification in Northeast Asia

Springer Singapor

Titre : Combating Aeolian Desertification in Northeast Asia

The first comprehensive book addressing a multitude of aspects of aeolian desertification and dust storm
Provides solutions based on international frameworks to tackle the desertification and dust storm challenge
Presents a long time-series monitoring of aeolian desertification in Northeast Asia

Editor (s) : Tao Wang, Atsushi Tsunekawa, Xian Xue, Yasunori Kurosaki
Publisher  : Springer Singapore
Date de parution : 2022
Pages : 317

This book presents the definition of aeolian desertification and uncovers its processes, driving factors, and consequences, and focuses on measures to effectively combat aeolian desertification in Northeast Asia. Aeolian desertification in Northeast Asia is of great concern for its destructive influences on the environment and society not only in the local but also in faraway areas. The topics of this book are addressed by compiling theoretical review, remote sensing monitoring, synoptic analysis, and laboratory and field studies in China, Japan, and Mongolia.

This is the first comprehensive book to address the aeolian desertification in Northeast Asia. Readers can learn the basic theory of aeolian desertification and the primary causes of this environmental problem. More critical is the successful practical countermeasures to combat desertification which can be referred to by various stakeholders who concern the aeolian desertification in Northeast Asia.

To meet the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations adopted in 2015, especially its Goal 15.3 to achieve a land degradation-neutral world by 2030, desertification combating actions should be taken cross country borders. This book is not only intended for environmental professionals but also for people who are affected and concerned about desertification and land degradation. The concept and processes in this book will serve as a ready reference to understand the aeolian desertification with countermeasures and successful preventing stories that can be referred to.

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