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Postharvest Management of Dryland Fruit Crops

Daya Publishing House

Titre : Postharvest Management of Dryland Fruit Crops

Auteur (s) : Dhemre, J K, V P Kad & S A Ranpise
Publisher  : Daya Publishing House
Date de parution : 2020
Pages : 410

Postharvest Technology involves operations like cleaning, grading, drying, storage, packaging, transport, marketing and utilization. Postharvest losses occur mainly because of improper and inadequate pre and postharvest management practices. These losses can be significantly reduced, if the integrated approaches are adopted in pre and postharvest management of horticultural crops. The concept of integrated approaches encompasses the greater planning of entire demand driven production activity, appropriately linked with pre and postharvest practices. In this context, the present book contains thirty-four chapters, authored by experts in the field, which not only provide an overview of the sustainable horticultural practice and postharvest management, but also give an analytical account of the problems and prospects associated with it. This book will be immense value to students, teachers and researchers as well as growers engaged in the field of dryland fruit crops.

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