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Beijing Forestry University (2022)

Dust Control Measures of Coal Base in Arid Desert Area of Northwest China


Titre : Dust Control Measures of Coal Base in Arid Desert Area of Northwest China

Auteur : 邢启鑫

Grade : Master 2022

Université : Beijing Forestry University

The northwest arid desert area is a serious area of wind erosion in China.Wuhai City,at the east end of the region,is an important coal base in China.Affected by geographical location,climate and human activities,wind erosion occurs frequently and dust pollution is very serious.On the other hand,with the increase of social demand for coal resources,the development of Wuhai mining area is accelerated,and wind erosion harms a large amount of dust and coal dust pollution inside the coal base,affecting local production and life,and posing a threat to the health of residents.In view of the current situation of wind erosion in the coal base,this study studied the sand and dust prevention and control measures used in different functional areas of the coal mine through field observation,wind tunnel test and indoor analysis,aiming to provide a reference for the sand and dust prevention and control projects in the coal base in the arid desert area of Northwest China.The prevention and control measures included in this study include gravel cover,checkerboard sand barrier,hedgerow,dust suppressant,dust suppressant net,downwind guide engineering,water sprinkling and so on.By studying the wind speed flow field,wind speed profile,windproof efficiency,wind erosion protection efficiency,starting wind speed,dust emission,total suspended particulate matter(TSP),and sand transport of the protective objects after the installation of the protective measures,the protection mechanism of different measures is analyzed and evaluated,so as to explore the optimal measure configuration.The results are as follows :(1)Prevention and control measures of dumping(gangue)field : gravel with 3-6cm particle size was adopted in the gravel coverage measure.The near-surface wind speed of gravel bed with 60%coverage was relatively stable,and wind erosion control effect was the best.The gangue grid and the plant branch grid have similar wind erosion protection effect,and the wind speed in the central grid can decrease by more than 55%.Both of them are better protection measures,which can be laid according to local conditions.In addition,measures of plant wind prevention,sand control and dust removal can be adopted,and hedgerows with two rows,1H row spacing and 4-10 h row spacing can have better wind erosion prevention and control effect.(2)Coal yard prevention and control measures : the compound Ⅱ type YH dust suppressor prepared with 3% ratio concentration has the best dust suppression effect and effect benefit,which can increase the starting wind speed by 65%,and reduce the dust amount and TSP by 75% ;Four kinds of hard double peak,hard single peak,flexible single layer and flexible double layer dust suppression nets can reduce the dust amount and TSP by more than 60%,among which the hard double peak dust suppression nets have the best dust suppression effect.(3)Transportation road prevention and control measures : for road surface dust,the use of 70°Angle wind guide plate under the wind guide project can achieve better control effect of wind transport sand ;For road dust,sprinkling,spraying compound Ⅲ type YN dust suppressor and other measures can be used,and the dust suppression effect is obvious.Considering comprehensively,the effect of YN dust suppressor is more beneficial.

Mots clés : coal base ;wind erosion ;wind tunnel test ;prevention and control measures ;

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Page publiée le 1er novembre 2022