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Ningxia University (2022)

Effects of Biochar Based Fertilizers on Soil Properties and Maize Growth in Arid Regions


Titre : Effects of Biochar Based Fertilizers on Soil Properties and Maize Growth in Arid Regions

Auteur : 王晓港

Grade : Master 2022

Université : Ningxia University

Résumé partiel
In order to explore the effect of biomass char-based fertilizer on soil plough layer quality and maize growth in arid areas,with ’Xianyu 335’ as the test material,a single-factor randomized block experimental design was adopted,and the following five treatments were set:CK,application of ordinary chemical fertilizer(N 225 kg·hm-2,P2O5 120 kg·hm-2,K2O 90 kg·hm-2),T1,T2,T3,T4 were applied with biomass carbon base fertilizer 1087.5 kg·hm-2,960 kg·hm-2,respectively 870 kg·hm-2,750 kg·hm-2,to study the effects of biochar-based fertilizer on the physicochemical properties,soil enzyme activities,soil microorganisms,growth physiology and yield of topsoil soils(0-40 cm)in arid regions.The results of the study are as follows:1.Biochar basal fertilizer mainly affects the physical properties of soil in 0-20 cm topsoil,among which,compared with CK,the bulk density is significantly reduced by 9.3%-16.8%(P<0.05).The total soil porosity increased by 0.9%,7.7%,2.2%,and 13.6%,respectively(P<0.05),and the saturated soil water contents of CK,T1,T2,and T3 were 19.1%,36.9%,5.1%,and 23.4%higher than those of T4,respectively,the field water holding capacity was T1>T3>CK>T2>T4,the soil water content of T1 and T2 treatments was the highest alternately in each growth period of maize.2 The contents of total nitrogen,total phosphorus,available phosphorus,available potassium and organic carbon in the soil all increased first and then decreased with the decrease of the amount of biochar base fertilizer,and the T2 treatment was the best,and increased first with the advancement of the corn growth period subsequent decreasing trend.The pH content of topsoil in each treatment was significantly lower than that of CK.The soil total nitrogen content was the highest in the tasseling stage,and the total nitrogen content of T2 was 7.6%,15.3%,13%,and 43%higher than that of CK,T1,T3,and T4,respectively.The application of biomass char-based fertilizer can increase the content of total phosphorus in soil,but when the application rate is too low,it will reduce the content of total phosphorus.The content of available phosphorus in the 0-20 cm soil layer of T2 treatment was higher than that of CK,and reached the maximum value in the silking period.At this time,the content of available phosphorus in T2 was significantly increased by 14.9%-24.8%compared with other treatments.Excessive application of biomass char-based fertilizer will significantly reduce the available potassium conten

Mots clés : biochar based fertilizer ;physicochemical properties ;soil enzymes ;microorganisms;corn ;yield;

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Page publiée le 20 octobre 2022