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China University of Mining and Technology (2022)

High-Resolution Water Vapor Analysis in Semi-Arid Mining Area Based on Sentinel-2 Data


Titre : High-Resolution Water Vapor Analysis in Semi-Arid Mining Area Based on Sentinel-2 Data

Auteur : 朱国庆

Grade : Master 2022

Université : China University of Mining and Technology

Water resources are the most important factor affecting the sustainable development of the ecology of mining areas in semi-arid areas,so it is of guiding significance to grasp the law of regional water vapor change for regional ecological construction.In order to analyze the water vapor situation at the regional scale of semi-arid mining areas,this thesis proposes a method suitable for inversion of atmospheric water vapor content(PWV)using Sentinel-2 data on clear land,which is an improvement on the PWV algorithm of medium resolution imaging spectrometer(MODIS)data inversion,and solves the problem of insufficient spatial resolution of MODIS inversion of water vapor in the past.The main research contents and conclusions include:1.The radiation transmission process from ground to sensor was simulated by MODERN 5,and the coefficient of the channel ratio method model was estimated by the statistical regression analysis between the simulated transmittance and the atmospheric water vapor content by the Sentinel-2 near-infrared channel,and the PWV solution value of the ground-based GPS field observation data was used to verify the algorithm.The verification results show that the algorithm has good accuracy compared with the ground reference data.The sentinel-2 water vapor model inverts the PWV value with a root mean square error(RMSE)of 0.2392 g/cm2 and a relative error(RE)of 13.23%,and the proposed algorithm can be used as a method to invert PWV from Sentinel-2 data.2.In order to analyze the spatio-temporal distribution characteristics of PWV and its influencing factors,modis product data were used to explore the variation law of PWV and other factors at the scale of the mining area and the border area between Jinxi,Shaanxi and Mongolia,and the temporal and spatial variation characteristics of PWV from 2001 to 2020 were studied according to the climate propensity rate and temporal variation coefficient of the timing elements,and the change trend and interannual fluctuation degree of PWV were analyzed,and the consistency between regional climate and regional climate and its significance were analyzed.3.Using multi-period Sentinel-2 water vapor inversion data and ERA5 re-analysis data to obtain the cumulative value of near-earth water vapor content in Shendong Mining Area,the best statistical unit applicable to the geomorphological undulation of Shendong Mining Area was 0.81km 2 by using the mean variable point method,and the driving factor contribution of near-Earth water vapor distribution in Shendong Mining Area was studied by geographical detector method,and the dominant factor was altitude elevation,followed by terrain undulation

Mots clés : sentinel-2 ;Semi-arid mining areas ;precipitable water vapor(PWV) ;ratio technique ;spatiotemporal characteristic analysis ;

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