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Beijing Forestry University (2021)

Research on the Utilization of Topsoil Resources of Typical Open-pit Coal Mine in Arid Area


Titre : Research on the Utilization of Topsoil Resources of Typical Open-pit Coal Mine in Arid Area

Auteur : 冯昶栋

Grade : Master 2021

Université : Beijing Forestry University

Résumé partiel
The topsoil resources stripped during the construction and production of mining areas can play an important role in the ecological restoration of mining areas.However,there are few studies on the ecological restoration value of topsoil resources in arid desert mining areas of China.In order to explore the availability and utilization methods of topsoil resources in arid mining areas,this study selects the Xinxing coal mining area in Wuhai City as a typical research object of open-pit coal mines in arid areas in Northwest China.By sampling and surveying the topsoil resources of the land under different utilization conditions in the mining area,statistical methods are used to analyze the soil seed bank and soil fertility quality characteristics to clarify the availability of local topsoil resources in actual production.At the same time,the method of stacking topsoil in cubic tons of bags and round platforms was used to explore the changes after short-term stacking in the arid area of northwestern China.On this basis,three main factors,including the thickness of the cover soil,the amount of seed replenishment,and the amount of irrigation,were selected to design an orthogonal experiment.The range analysis method and principal component analysis method are used to explore the technical model suitable for local topsoil utilization,hoping to provide a reference for the ecological restoration of the mining area.The main conclusions are as follows :(1)The surface soil resources of Xinxing mining area in Wuhai City are obviously affected by the soil depth and environmental disturbance.The surface soil of 0-10 cm is the most usable,with more than90%seed resources and significantly higher nutrient content than deep soil(P<0.05).At the same time,the surrounding area of the mining area will be greatly negatively affected,the vegetation on the ground will be degraded,and the availability of the topsoil will be significantly weakened.(2)After a short period of storage,the soil active seeds in the two modes of cubic ton bag and round table stacking both decreased significantly(59.94~61.07%),especially the loss of shrub seeds was serious,and the soil nutrients were slightly lost(9.32%~16.62%),and at the same time,the loss situation gradually slows down inside the stack.Overall,the two modes have little difference in the preservation of topsoil resources,but the round platform stacking mode is more economical.

Mots clés : Arid area ;Open-pit coal mine ;Topsoil resources ;Utilization;

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